Jay’s Wicked Habanero

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12.7 fl. oz. Bottle

A pure habanero hot sauce.


ingredients:  vinegar, water, habanero pepper, sugar, salt, garlic, onion, xanthan gum.

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12.7 fl. oz. Bottle

Hot sauce, made with fresh habaneros.  Intense flavor in a very edible form.

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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 10 in

5 reviews for Jay’s Wicked Habanero

  1. Denis S.

    Love this stuff. The perfect balance of heat and flavor with just a touch of sweetness. Just a small amount on my favorite food goes a long way.

    • Jay’s Wicked

      Glad you enjoy it, thank you!

  2. Jarrod

    I like this because its more than just heat, it has fantastic flavor. Ran out today, buying more today.

  3. Scott M

    This stuff is great. I’ve bought other so called habanero sauces and they pale in comparison. This sauce has such great true habanero flavor and HEAT. I love it on my pizza and steak bombs! Thanks Jay,s!

  4. Garret

    Outstanding all-purpose hot sauce with a neutral flavor and the gift of heat that keeps on giving.

  5. Bill Martin

    Received the habenaro for Christmas,and holy wow! A beautifully crafted sauce with zing if you want it. Gentle bite that lasts…..but not real bad. Will not ruin food providing you do not drowned what you ate eating. Will be buying ALL the flavors soon.

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