Top 10 Ways to Spice Up Your Super Bowl Party

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Let’s be real. The football game is fun to watch, but the mouthwatering food is the real reason why we all get so excited for Super Bowl parties! With over 440 million hits on Google, Super Bowl recipes are in a league of their own. Super Bowl Sunday is the sacred time when we put our New Year’s resolutions on hold, flavor is found in abundance, and all is right in the world….Almost. If you are a fellow New Englander in 2021 you know what I mean, pandemic aside…

What makes a truly phenomenal Super Bowl recipe? A little spice! From buffalo chicken dip to pulled pork sliders, the main thing every popular Super Bowl dish has in common is some heat. If you’re looking for the perfect way to take your Super Bowl recipes to the next level, look no further than Jay’s Wicked Gourmet Sauce.

Here are the top 10 ways to spice up your Super Bowl party with Jay’s Wicked:

1. Upgrade your enchiladas. Made with fire-roasted jalapenos, Jay’s Wicked Green Rocket hot sauce is the perfect way to take your favorite game day dish to the next level.

2. Make some mouthwatering wings. Don’t have time to whip up the perfect wing sauce? We’ve got you covered. Jay’s Wicked Spicy Gold barbeque sauce is just what you need to make the most flavorful game day wings on the block.

3. Top off your favorite tacos. The best way to take your tacos from tasty to out of this world is by adding a drizzle of Jay’s Wicked Fiery Chipotle hot sauce just before serving.

4. Kick your guacamole up a notch. Jalapenos are commonly added to guacamole to give it a little heat, so what better way to upgrade one of the most iconic Super Bowl dips than with our Green Rocket hot sauce?

5. Spice up your pulled pork sliders. Our mustard-based barbeque sauce, Spicy Gold, makes an incredible glaze for pulled pork that your guests are guaranteed to be talking about long after the sliders have been demolished.

6. Boost the flavor of your meatballs. When I think of Super Bowl recipes, I think of crock-pot meatballs. Instantly boost up the flavor without any additional effort with our Jay’s Wicked Barbeque Sauce.

7. Add a little fire to your pizza. If you’re a serious spice lover, Jay’s Wicked Triple Black Reaper hot sauce is just what you need. Drizzle as much as you can handle on top of your pizza before you pop it into the oven and enjoy the burn.

8. Step up your hot dog game. Easy and delicious, hot dogs are a classic Super Bowl dish. To make your dogs stand out from the rest, try adding our original Barbeque sauce on top.

9. Bring some heat to your deviled eggs. Put a spicy twist on one of the most classic Super Bowl recipes out there by adding some of our Jay’s Wicked Habanero hot sauce to the yolk mixture.

10. Give your cocktails a kick. Whether you prefer a Bloody Mary spiced up with Jay’s Wicked Fiery Chipotle or Pup’s Wicked Winter Mai Tai featuring Jay’s Wicked Habanero, these sauces are the perfect way to ramp up your favorite game day cocktails!

Why Choose Jay’s Wicked?

  • We use locally-grown chili peppers
  • Our ingredients are all natural
  • We don’t use any artificial preservatives
  • Our packaging is sustainable
  • Our products have NO GLUTEN ingredients

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